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OSRS Blue Dragon Guide

The OSRS blue monster is an extremely exceptional monster, but its low wellbeing makes it the ideal choice intended for melee stop. Generally, you should attempt to kill the dragon as quickly as possible with best free vpn your tool and then use potions to slay the remainder. Aside from praying and crème, you should also include a high defence weapon, including Korasi’s sword, to avoid having hit by blue dragon’s high health and wellbeing. A high-level halber is also a good choice.

Blue dragons are particularly effective at destructive players with bolts and enchanting attacks, and can be killed simply by slayer professionals. While they can do a lots of damage, they’re weak to damage by ranged moves, therefore ranged shield is essential to get protection. For anyone who is looking to make a large earnings, however , you should think of using hoheitsvoll dragonhide armour to protect your self. You’ll be well protected against magic.

If you wish to get paid the most gold coins while leveling up, you should kill a blue dragon. This beast is a superb way to get extra cash in OSRS. Its dragonfire can package a lot of injury, and it needs special what to protect you. You can find all of them near lava eel doing some fishing places. You can also wipe out a baby blue dragon for an extra a couple of, 500 gold coins.

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